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International fraud recovery specialists

Founded by a leading fraud detective working in collaboration with a top international fraud recovery law company

An internationally recognised team specialising in recovering funds stolen through investment and online scams

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Dick Steffens founder of Interludium Investigations International

Interludium Investigations International was founded in 1990 by Dick Steffens after a long and distinguished career with the Amsterdam police, where he specialized in international criminal fraud and intelligence. Interludium now has offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and the UK. In addition to Victims of Fraud, the company offers a range of other services, including art recovery, dismantling complex shareholder constructions, conducting financial investigations and combating international counterfeiting.

Claire Stewart Founder of Bridge Law

Bridge Law was founded in March 2016 by Claire Stewart after a successful career in litigation and litigation management for large downtown law firms. Claire earned her law degree in 2001 and is also a qualified attorney, a member of the American Bar Association and a member of the Property Litigation Association. In addition to her involvement with fraud victims, Bridge Law has extensive experience in contentious trusts and estates, commercial litigation, real estate litigation and other specialties.
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